Tallahassee Woman Magazine Circa 2009

For a number of years this was the website for the Tallahassee Woman Magazine,  a unique publication by women for women that covered the issues, trends, and the spirit of women that live, work, and play in the Tallahassee community. Every issue included topics of interest such as family, career, fashion, business, home, health, trends, the arts, money, relationships, travel, food, and more that were selected to inform and entertain their readers as well as to enhance their lifestyle.

Go to www.talwomanmag.com, the current website for the Tallahassee Woman Magazine, to read the latest articles.

The content below is from the 2009 October / November issue offering just a brief  glimpse of what this magazine offers its readers.


The October /November 2009 issue is available now! View online or pick up a copy at any of our distribution locations around town. We are excited about this issue and hope you will enjoy reading it.

On the cover is Cindy Hamilton. Cindy is a breast cancer survivor. Read her inspirational story on how she overcame the disease while living her life to the fullest. Her success in marketing is legend - we feature a story on how she promoted a small collection of luxury dog beds designs into a thriving enterprise while at the same time running a household, family, and combating cancer. She says her dogs kept her going during the worst times of chemo and radiation therapy. Working with the owners of GoodNightDog.com, she discovered their unique, luxury dog beds had a loyal following who constantly referred new customers. Also, since the round design included washable covers made from designer fabrics, customers could change the look of their beds by ordering new cover designs. Cindy worked tirelessly to spread the word and claims that her efforts distracted her from the nausea and other discomforts of her cancer treatments, and led to her genuine success as a marketer. Inspirational is the word.

Be sure not to miss the articles on the women's clubs in Tallahassee.  These incredible Tallahassee women are making a difference in lives of people in the community.  

We always love feedback so feel free to send us an e-mail and let us know if you have a great idea or something you would like to see.

Tallahassee Woman is a bimonthly magazine with information and entertainment for women and is distributed on a complimentary basis throughout the greater Tallahassee area.

Our mission is to capture the spirit of Tallahassee women who are devoted to living their lives to the fullest potential in their families, home, career, and community. We strive to provide features and articles that enrich women's lives, and inspire women to live each day to the fullest.

Tallahassee Woman is a unique publication by women for women that covers the issues, trends, and the spirit of women that live, work, and play in our community. Every issue includes topics of interest such as family, career, fashion, home, health, trends, the arts, money, relationships, travel, food, and more that are selected to inform and entertain our readers as well as to enhance their lifestyle.

Tallahassee Woman also includes a dining guide and a community calendar with local events, exhibits, meetings, and other dates of interest to local women, to ultimately result in a publication that is informative and fun!

Our goal at Tallahassee Woman is to have a magazine filled with items that will spark women's interest, inspire them, inform them, as well as entertain them. Included inside every issue are feature articles and departments with a variety of topics - something for everyone.

Here's a look at what's inside Tallahassee Woman …..


Style & Grace – something for everyone - beauty, etiquette, fashion, shopping, weddings, and stylish trends.
House & Home – information and inspiration covering home design and details, beautiful lawns and gardens, home improvement projects and renovations, and more.

Real Life – focuses on family & relationships, faith and inspiration, spirit of community, as well as practical matters.

Healthy Living – for the mind, body, and spirit – fitness, health and wellness topics for all women.

Career Corner – articles for the working woman… moving up the career ladder, workplace solutions, and entrepreneur resources.

Community – articles  on women in our community, groups and organizations that make our community better, and more!
Money Talks – tips, guides, and resources for what every smart woman needs to know to be financially savvy.

Food– recipes, dining, and more for everyday life and special occasions.

Leisure – what every busy woman needs – leisure activities for rest and relaxation – ideas for good books, travel, movies, music, and other ways to rejuvenate. Travel – great getaways –near and far.


Funny Girl – Funny things, funny women, something to make us laugh!

Women to Watch – A section for announcing the Tallahassee women on the way up… reaching out… making a difference. E-mail your information to womentowatch@talwoman.com.

Women We Admire - Do you know an extraordinary Tallahassee woman whose story could inspire others? Let us know about her by sending an e-mail to us at info@talwoman.com.

Calendar– A look at art exhibits, theatre, happenings, and other events and dates that interest women.